Level Up

Programme with the newest games from the Netherlands and Flandres, all developers present.

With Level Up, Imagine will for the first time present a cross section of Dutch/Flemish fantastic games. Nine different games will be presented in a varied programme, from newbies to seasoned game developers. From VR to visual novel and from retrofuturism to Lovecraftian: Level Up shows the game makers’ creativity in all its facets.

Arjan Terpstra is the host and discussion leader for Level Up. Arjan was a game journalist and wrote special books about games (ao Killzone Visual Design and The Art & Design of Final Fantasy XV). He recently developed story and script for the new game from Little Chicken, Blaze Revolutions.

The Almost Gone

You wake in your parental home, but why are you here, and why can’t you leave? In The Almost Gone you roam from room to room and have to unravel clues to discover what exactly happened. Our southern neighbours from Happy Volcano manage to draw the player right into their game with their beautiful artwork and clear interface. Subsequently, the story does the rest…

Belgium | 2019 | Happy Volcano

Charlie Ticklefingers

A blood-curdling chase in which the player has to run from a psychopathic killer – that sounds like the ultimate Imagine game. Which it is, because this VR experience was developed especially for Imagine 2019. Fans of horror and slashers can take on the challenge themselves; can you escape or will you become the next victim? The rooms you virtually run through offer various challenges, such as vertigo moments, narrow corridors and opportunities to hide. Not for fearful visitors…

Netherlands | 2019 | Gijs Bazelmans / Daan Kools

Games from students of the HKU

Third year students of the HKU are developing games especially for Imagine 2019. During the festival you can play a first prototype, and your experiences with the games will be used to develop it further. So come to the café (halfway up the stairs) and let the students know what you think!

Netherlands | 2019 | Bauke Hoekstra, Brechje de Klein, Charona Poeran, Christopher v.d. Kieft, Jurgen Felipa, Stijn Koning, Lennert Koppe, Sarah Steenhuis, Steven Vis

Ghost on the Shore

Belgian studio Like Charlie is back with a new project after their successful walking sim Marie’s Room. In Ghost on the Shore, protagonist Riley and her little boat accidentally land on the remote, deserted Rogue Islands. When she meets Josh, a ghost who’s been dead for 200 years, she becomes intrigued by the history of the island. As the player you uncover the mysteries by discovering and collecting objects and locations, and dialogue options enhance the feeling of a personal voyage of discovery. The game also has a strong, unique visual style.

Belgium | 2019 | Like Charlie

Peer to Peer

VR experiment in which the player wakes up in a strange world which sometimes appears real, but at other times deviates just a bit too much from reality. The player makes choices by moving around and he/she is increasingly confronted by his/her social behaviour – resulting in changes to his or her own appearance. A social experiment, but with an unmistakable genre edge, inspired by classic games like Stanley Parable.

Netherlands | 2018 | Esther de Bruijn / Alyster

Photopsia: The Girl That Saw Stars

Photopsia is a visual novel, a genre that used to be mainly popular in Asia, but is increasingly developed and played elsewhere as well. Visual novels contain relatively little gameplay, but as the player has to click through the story and locations and sometimes make decisions, it still feels distinctly interactive. This certainly applies to Photopsia, a light horror story about Iris, who suffers from photopsia (seeing stars and flashes of light). The game started as a graduation project and has a very clear personal signature.

Netherlands | 2018 | Masha Loutanina

Reggie, His Cousin, Two Scientists and Most Likely the End of the World

In this cartoony 2D platformer you play a character called Reggie, who is from the 16000th century and has a special power that can influence gravity. Even though the game is still in
development, we are promised a plot featuring Isaac Newton, dinosaurs and a gnome university. The gameplay levels in the demo look fresh and enticingly playable. A promising project from a small team of developers.

Netherlands | 2019 | Degoma

Retro Rockets

A retro-futuristic multiplayer game in which four players compete against each other. Three retronauts work together to repair a space station, while Destructo tries to eliminate them one by one. The game is visually inspired by the seventies, so think tacky patterns and disco, but this time in space!

Netherlands | 2019 | Emissive Games

The Seminary of Sight

Play as a young priestess who follows her god through time and space in this first-person cosmic horror game, inspired by the work of H.P. Lovecraft. The game is still in development, but the story and concept art make hungry for more. An ambitious project full of visual excess which will undoubtedly appeal to many Imagine visitors.

Netherlands | 2019 | Disillusion


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