Little Monsters

Australian zom-com combines a sweet story with a barrage of jokes and bloody gore.

Washed up musician Dave volunteers to accompany a school outing, mainly because of attractive teacher Caroline. When the group arrives, the park is invaded by zombies. While Caroline brings the children to safety, Dave has to the fight the zombies. 

There has been no shortage of zombie comedies the last few years, but director Abe Forsythe takes a fresh and not too correct approach to the genre. He places slacker Dave, who appears to be good for absolutely nothing, opposite Teddy McGiggle, an alcoholic and sex addicted children’s artist, and it turns into a hilarious confrontation. Yet the best part is when the children are singing Taylor Swift songs and the zombies come to bloodily interrupt that idyll. Little Monsters blends a nice family-friendly film with Bad Santa en Zombieland. Now there’s a recommendation… 


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Type Feature Film
Director Abe Forsythe
Country Australia, US, UK
Year 2019
Duration 94 min
Spoken languages English
Subtitles None
Cast Josh Gad, Lupita Nyong'o, Stephen Peacocke


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