Lords of Chaos

Ode to satanic black metal band Mayhem is an emotional, at times funny, violent and tragic story.

In the ’80s, ‘real Norwegian black metal’ made the news because of its biggest band, Mayhem. With their lead singer killing himself, satanic rituals on stage, murders and burning churches, the band gained unprecedented notoriety. Ultimately, their bass player brutally murdered the guitarist and band leader. Åkerlund really gets into the soul of the scene and doesn’t shy away from showing us what gruesome murder in the real world looks and feels like: slow, bloody and very, very painful. An emotional, at times funny, but also violent account of what started off as a marketing tool slowly turning into real terror.



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Type Feature Film
Director Jonas Åkerlund
Country UK, Sweden, Norway
Year 2018
Duration 112 min
Spoken languages English
Subtitles Without
Cast Emory Cohen, Jack Kilmer, Rory Culkin, Sky Ferreira, Valter Skarsgård


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