Luz + Snaggletooth

Totally weird German film nominally fits the supernatural horror category, but defies audience expectations right from the very start.

Chilean Luz is a cabdriver in a German city. One day she walks into a nearly abandoned police station, muttering a blasphemic version of a prayer. Meanwhile, in the bathroom of a bar, psychotherapist Rossini becomes possessed by something supernatural after being kissed by patron Nora. 

Low budget, only 70 minutes longshot on grainy widescreen 16mm and favouring extreme long takes, Luz follows its own agenda, both visually and narratively. The staging is artificial, the acting theatrical, while the retro synthesizer score adds another disruptive element. Minimalist and confusing but endlessly intriguing, Luz makes for a flabbergasting experience. The whole film feels like an experiment with style and structure. You thought Panos Cosmatos expanded the genre’s outer limits? Think again. Don’t expect the usual scare tactics, don’t expect any help from the filmmakers in fathoming deeper meaning. Luz is its own beast. Surrender and be baffled.  



With the short film:


Mary Alice would like to have a puppy, but her mum says she has to go to the dentist first. Fortunately there is one with a night practice. Horror comedy keeps its story pleasantly simple, and relies on its gothic design and a wonderful last scene.

United States | 2018 |9m
Director | Colin Bishopp

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Type Feature Film
Director Tilman Singer
Country Germany
Year 2018
Duration 70 min
Spoken languages German, Spanish
Subtitles English
Cast Luana Velis, Johannes Benecke, Jan Bluthardt

This film is participating in the competition for Méliès d'argent


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