MEMORY: The Origins of Alien

A search for the origins of Alien is a dazzling and completely original approach to Ridley Scott’s masterpiece.

Alien turns 40 years old this year. Director Alexandre Philippe took this opportunity to go on a search for the film’s influences and returned with this documentary containing a wealth of background information, from Greek and Egyptian mythology to Lovecraft and the paintings of Francis Bacon. 

After 78/52, his documentary about the shower scene in Psycho (Imagine 2017), Alexandre Philippe turned his attention to another iconic film scene: the chestburster scene’ in Alien. And while that scene is covered thoroughly, Philippe also went looking for background stories on how the film came to be made in the first place. Screenwriter Dan O’Bannon played a crucial part in this, as his widow explains in the film. Scott’s support for H.R. Giger – against the wishes of the studio – proved critical as well. But the director keeps digging and finds influences in Greek and Egyptian mythology, comics, parasites, the paintings of Francis Bacon and the literature of H.P. Lovecraft and Joseph Conrad’s Heart of DarknessYou’ve never seen Alien like this before. 

Afterwards a screening of:


Type Feature Film
Director Alexandre O. Philippe
Country USA
Year 2019
Duration 93 min
Spoken languages English
Subtitles Without
Cast Bijan Aalam, Tim Boxell, Axelle Carolyn


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