Mirai (Mirai no Mirai)

Anime master Mamoru Hosoda uses a magical world to teach a young boy much needed life lessons.

4-year old Kun is used to all the attention from his parents, but that changes with the birth of his sister Mirai. He throws terrible tantrums and eventually retreats to the garden. There he finds a portal to the past, present and future of the family.

As always, anime master Mamoru Hosoda (Black Tulip 2013 for Wolf Children, The Boy and the Beast) infuses his new film with the supernatural and a central role for a child. Initially, he takes the time to introduce the entire family, with Kun as something of a spoilt, self-centred brat. Once in the magical world of past ancestors and future generations, the film really takes off and Hosoda once again shows why he is often called the heir to Miyazaki. Without judgment and with humour and warmth, he shows how Kun learns valuable and much needed lessons.



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Type Feature Film
Director Mamoru Hosoda
Country Japan
Year 2018
Duration 98 min
Spoken languages Japanese
Subtitles English
Cast Rebecca Hall, Daniel Dae Kim, John Cho


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