Mission to Mars

Wealthy entrepreneurs Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are working hard on commercial trips to Mars, with the prospect of the red planet being a permanent establishment. But how realistic are these plans?

Wealthy entrepreneurs Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are working on a concept for commercial space travel to Mars, prospecting a permanent establishment on the red planet. But how realistic are these plans of colonizing Mars really?

That’s a question we’ll try to answer at Imagine with space expert and founder of Eye on Orbit, Erik Laan. Are you curious how it feels to walk on Mars? Travel to the red planet through a VR experience and find out!
After the talk two science-fiction films are on view. Aniara, about a spaceship travelling to Mars leaving Earth shattered and Prospects; in which father and daughter leave for an alien inhabited moon in search of gems.

About Erik Laan
I am interested in all things Space. I believe the future of humanity is destined to expand into the Solar System and the Cosmos. Professionally, I am a Technical specialist in optical science instrument satellite payloads with system engineering experience in the field of space robotics and microgravity & in-situ exploration payloads. My technical specialities are Space Systems Engineering, i.e., the Science/User/Mission-requirements to System requirements to testing/analysis definition flowdown, and Scientific data analysis. I am deeply intimate with what is going on in the Global Space Industry. All the intelligence I gather is fed into my future Space missions intelligence database. I really enjoy entertaining audiences that are keen to learn more about Space and all its dimensions.


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Speaker Erik Laan


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