Teenage guerrilla soldiers on booze and mushrooms in hallucinatory jungle thriller that mixes Heart of Darkness with Lord of the Flies.

A group of teenage guerrilla soldiers in the Amazon mountains guard an American hostage and a cow named Shakira. They spend most of their time drinking, partying and playing with their weapons. After a calamitous event, the hostage plays out the soldiers against each other in an attempt to escape. 

The teenage soldiers are part of The Organization and go with names like Rambo, Bigfoot, Wolf and Dog. What their organisation and mission are about remains vague, as director Alejandro Landes is not interested in a political child soldier story. His approach is an allegorical and at times mythical one, where he unfolds the story like a jungle action thriller. There is lots of ambiguity here, with sexual tension between all soldiers male and female, and a hostage that seems to veer between Stockholm Syndrome and the urge to escape. The breathtaking cinematography is from Dutch DoP Jasper Wolf, while Mica Levi (Under the Skin) provides another dense and percussive score that underlines the ever building tension. 



Type Feature Film
Director Alejandro Landes
Country Uruguay
Year 2019
Duration 102 min
Spoken languages Spanish
Subtitles English
Cast Julian Giraldo, Julianne Nicholson, Karen Quintero, Sofia Buenaventura, Wilson Salazar


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