Nieuw Nederlands Peil 1

A programme with the best Dutch and Flemisch shorts, with all directors present.

—— This programme is in Dutch —–

De driesprong

A car with king Wurm II on board crashes, but the king himself ends up in a horrible nightmare. From now on dreaming is forbidden in his realm, and art and culture have to suffer as well. Then the dreamers revolt. Animation based on a story by Belcampo from 1934 offers rudimentary animation, combined with stock footage and film clips. The result is a rich and playful film, with a lot of affection for imagination.

Netherlands | 2018 | 30m
Directors | Sjeng Schupp, Michiel van Dijk


Ik geloof in monsters

A father tries to force his son to undergo the same transformation he has had. An old man steps in to kill the brainwashed father, after which he and the boy go into hiding in a cabin in the woods. But are they safe there? Orwellian short uses simple methods to make the threat of the unknown evil palpable.

Netherlands | 2018 | 18m
Director | Nick Cremer


Korte kuitspier

Anders is different. But he doesn’t know that. Yes, he’s also gay, but that’s not the point here. There is also this thing that others see but he doesn’t. Drily funny comedian Henry van Loon is the focus of this handsome looking, absurdist mini drama, with a lot of famous faces in supporting roles as well.

Netherlands | 2019 | 13m
Director | Victoria Warmerdam


Madame Le Chat

Two playing children have to pick up their ball from the creepy neighbour in the street. Small but mighty short sticks to assured, simple animation and hides a mildly sinister twist underneath its lovely exterior.

Netherlands | 2018 | 2m
Director | Jule Geleijns



A family takes a vacation in Limburg, where the annoying behaviour of the father soon causes tension. When the wife can’t take it anymore and leaves with the son, the man gets into trouble when he meets two hunters. Well-made short relies on its resounding punch line. Ouch, ouch!

Netherlands | 2019 | 12m
Director | Jan Verdijk


Nieuw Nederlands Peil #2


Type Short
Part of Imagine NL
Spoken languages Dutch
Subtitles None


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