Nieuw Nederlands Peil 2

A programme with the best Dutch and Flemisch shorts, with all directors present.

De Gloeiige

The border region between The Netherlands and Belgium, around 1850. A young farmhand tries to smuggle cattle across the border. Upon his return he lies to his grandparents. This will cost him dearly. Folk horror from Brabant uses local myths to give its own twist to a familiar subject. 

Netherlands | 2018 | 9m
Director | Justus van den Elsen

In The Palace

The final day in the life of Elvira, an elderly former dancer. She wishes to see her deceased husband one more time, but this brings her an unexpected guest. Acting legend Willeke van Ammelrooy is the poignant heart of this short with her fragile rendition of the washed up Elvira, while a dynamic and devilish Flemish trio adds a slightly surrealist tone.  

Belgium | 2018 | 22m
Director | Nelson Polfliet

Het Juk

Siska joins her boyfriend for the first time to the annual family diner in memory of his grandfather. His two brothers are there as well and Siska has trouble falling asleep at night. On the way to its surprising conclusion, the director (whose Sweet Tooth played at Imagine in 2017) plants a few hefty red herrings.  

Netherlands | 2019 | 17m
Director | Nico van den Brink


A farmer is haunted by the loss of his wife, when she suddenly appears back at his door. But is she really his wife? The setting and tone of the film is reminiscent of the folk horror of The VVitch. Intriguing film that derives its strength from a sober direction and restrained camera work and acting. 

Belgium | 2018 | 9m
Director | Walt Bladt

The Walking Fish

Mutsumi is a walking fish, a.k.a. a mutsugorou, that has crawled ashore and turned into a young woman. People around her share their memories of her, while we are shown what happened to her over time. Director Thessa Meijer received a wild card from the Filmfonds, and used it to make a film that is as contrary as it is graceful and charming. 

Netherlands | 2018 | 19m
Director | Thessa Meijer

Nieuw Nederlands Peil #1


Type Short
Part of Imagine NL
Spoken languages Dutch
Subtitles None


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