Number 37 (Nommer 37)

Drug deals and blackmail in Rear Window inspired crime thriller with a distinct South African flavour.

After borrowing money for a drug trade, small-time gangster Randal is left wheelchair bound after a car accident. When his girlfriend Pam buys him binoculars, Randal observes and subsequently blackmails Lawyer, who lives across the street. With the police involved and the loan shark on his neck, the situation quickly escalates.

This Rear Window inspired crime thriller is based on Nosipho Dumisa’s eponymous short film. She cleverly weaves the storylines of loan shark Emmie, neighbour Lawyer and a killed cop, while never losing track of events. The Cape Town’s notorious Cape Flats neighbourhood where the film is set adds a lot of local flavour to the story, while the cinematography inside Randal’s cramped apartment provides claustrophobia that enhances his helplessness. The unnerving sound design further helps creating a dark environment where Randal’s life is at the mercy of others, where danger is always imminent and the smallest mistake comes at a big price.



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Type Feature Film
Director Nosipho Dumisa
Country South Africa
Year 2018
Duration 110 min
Spoken languages Afrikaans
Subtitles English
Cast Ephraim Gordon, Irshaad Ally, Monique Rockman


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