O Beautiful Night

A young musician hangs out with Death in a macabre and stunning fairy-tale full of original ideas and humour.

Juri is a young musician who is afraid to die. One night he meets a man who claims to be Death. He warns Juri that he will die that evening and then takes him into the night, where Juri becomes fascinated by the mysterious Nina. 

This first film by Berlin illustrator and director Xavier Böhm is a pleasantly contrary variation on the buddy movie, in which the timid Juri gradually loosens up. As he should do on a night that takes him to a go-kart track, a peep show, an opium den and the store of a Korean witch. The nocturnal setting is covered in neon light and with a fantastic soundtrack the journey of the threesome becomes a magical trip. Beautiful illustrations of flowers in various stages of blossom and decay separate the different episodes. But the film’s biggest asset may well be Marko Mandic as Death – simultaneously seductive, savage and blessed with a sardonic sense of humour. A character you wouldn’t mind spending a night with yourself. 



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Type Feature Film
Director Xaver Xylophon
Country Germany
Year 2019
Duration 89 min
Spoken languages German
Subtitles English
Cast Marko Mandic, Noah Saavedra, Vanessa Loibl

This film is participating in the competition for Méliès d'argent


Tickets not (yet) available