One Cut of the Dead (Kamera o tomeru na!)

Japanese zombie comedy is not only hilarious, but also uses multiple layers to cleverly mislead its viewers.

A low-budget zombie movie is being filmed in an abandoned factory complex, when the cast and crew are suddenly ambushed by a horde of actual zombies. The director is the only one who keeps his cool. What’s more: he eagerly keeps on filming while the undead wreak havoc.

A famous aphorism by football legend Johan Cruyff translates as: ‘You don’t see it until you get it’. This definitely applies to One Cut of the Dead, which initially appears to be a zombie movie filmed in one take (‘one cut’). And not a very good one either. The actors-slash-victims seem to consistently hit the wrong tone, even in the face of death. But it’s all part of the master plan of the actual director, Shin’ichirô Ueda, who, with this brilliant meta comedy, pays tribute to the filmmakers who amply compensate for lack of money and talent with enthusiasm.


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Type Feature Film
Director Shinichiro Ueda
Country Japan
Year 2018
Duration 96 min
Spoken languages Japanese
Subtitles English
Cast Harumi Shuhama, Mao, Takayuki Hamatsu


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