Storytelling in VR 

Panel about the cinematic aspects of VR games, with Colin Harvey (Sony Playstation VR London) as our main guest.

Our panel this year will take a closer look at the cinematic aspects of VR games, with Colin Harvey as our main guest. Colin is a game designer, writer and scholar. He wrote a book about Transmedia Storytelling and a few years ago became lead writer at Sony Playstation VR London, responsible for hit games like Blood&Truth. Colin will be accompanied by David Prinsmel from Flemish game studio Happy Volcano and film director Samuel Faict, who are developing a VR game together. VR scholar Mirjam Vosmeer, specialised in VR storytelling, will also join the panel. Together they will discuss the technological and content-based challenges of creating story-heavy VR games, the influence of Hollywood and the future of VR films and games. Thanks to Playstation Benelux, Blood&Truth will be available to play for free in the festival cafe afterwards, as will be The Complex by our spotlight guest Lynn Renee Maxcy.


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