Pledge + Concrete

Three freshmen discover the dark side of a frat house in a nasty little horror film that takes hazing to the next level.

David, Ethan and Justin are nerdy freshmen looking to join any frat house that will take them. Brushed off by several houses, they are invited by attractive Rachel to a wild party at a remote mansion. Coming back the next day to pledge, the friends discover a different side to the house. 

Within the simple set up of the film, everything works. The build up, the characters, the horror and the pay-off – it’s all well handled. Our three ‘heroes’ all have a personality of their own and even the bad guys get their personal traits; the seemingly friendly, the sadist (with hints of Bruce Campbell-like zaniness) and the glib blabbermouth cum leader of the pack. Yes, it has been done before, but they are convincing nonetheless. The film takes hazing to a different level and it certainly plays on the worst fears and fantasies that most outsiders have about these practices. And there is always the final twist. 

With the short film:


A backpacker with bizarre growing spurts enters a giant concrete building. There he sees a fox moving fluidly along the walls. Enchanting animation builds a beautiful world in just a short time, offering the imposing decor of the brutalist architecture as a bonus. 

Switserland | 2018 | 8m
Director | Pirmin Bieri

Concrete still Imagine


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Type Feature Film
Director Daniel Robbins
Country USA
Year 2018
Duration 77 min
Spoken languages English
Subtitles Dutch
Cast Phillip Andre Botello, Zachery Byrd, Zack Weiner


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