Mixture of space western and coming-of-age shines brightly with its cool design and a strong teen female lead.

Cee and her dad Damon live together on a space ship, on their way to harvest gem resources on a green planet. When their ship crashes and it turns out others are scavenging the same grounds, Cee needs to take matters into her own hands.

The opening shot immediately shows the directors have balls: a young girl listening to J-pop from another planet on vintage-looking headphones, staring out of her window at three blood-coloured moons passing by. Zooming out, it turns out she’s in deep space, in a rickety-looking space ship, all alone. Prospect stays true to this cool mix of true-to-life-ness and sci-fi throughout and uses realism and simplicity to focus on character building. Despite the story focusing mostly on the relationships between Cee, her father and rival scavenger Ezra, we learn enough about the world of inequalities and Great Migrations that shaped the situation we watch on screen.



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Type Feature Film
Part of Things To Come
Director Zeek Earl
Country USA
Year 2018
Duration 97 min
Spoken languages English
Subtitles Without
Cast Jay Duplass, Pedro Pascal, Sophie Thatcher


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