School’s Out (L’heure de la sortie)

Tense psychological thriller also connects with current social and global issues.

Pierre replaces a high school teacher who committed suicide during class. The students are all brilliant and haughty, but a group of six seems especially unwilling to accept Pierre’s authority. Both intrigued and fazed by their odd behaviour he starts to spy on them, gathering unsettling proof for his concerns. 

French thriller School’s Out starts out as school drama, a story not far removed from everyday reality. Nevertheless, with its meticulous build-up to a disturbing denouement it makes for profoundly uneasy viewingThe gifted kids’ behaviour is chilling, as if they were real-life descendants of the alien children of Village of the DamnedActress Luana Bajrami is especially good and frightening as Apolline, the girl who gets in Pierre’s hair the most. Sporadically bordering on horror and the fantastical, School’s Out‘s concerns are mainly psychological, although it doesn’t shy away from putting forward broader social and even global issues 



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Type Feature Film
Director Sébastien Marnier
Country France
Year 2018
Duration 103 min
Spoken languages French
Subtitles English
Cast Laurent Lafitte, Emmanuelle Bercot, Luàna Bajrami


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