Sea Fever

A fishing trawler is marooned by an unknown object in slow burning horror that is also a love letter to things we never fully grasp.

Shy biologist Siobhan joins the crew of a fishing trawler to do research in the Atlantic. For the other crew members, her red hair is a bad omen. Once out, the ship is marooned by an object under water. Siobhan dives down and discovers something deeply unsettling. Slow burning horror is also a love letter to things we never fully grasp.

Director Neasa Hardiman makes no secret of his influences in Sea Fever and none of the separate things on display here are anything radically new. But what Hardiman and cinematographer Ruairí O’Brien do expertly is create a solid sense of place and dread. The ship, the space and the diversity of the crew feel 100% authentic, which places the narrative firmly in a here and now. Cabin fever sets in pretty much as soon as Siobhan gets on the boat and from a scientist’ point of view, you instantly understand her attraction to what is holding the vessel. In that sense, it’s also a love letter to science, and the things we will never fully grasp.


Type Feature Film Online
Director Neasa Hardiman
Country Groot-Brittannië
Year 2019
Duration 89 min
Spoken languages English
Subtitles Without
Cast Connie Nielsen, Hermione Corfield, Dougray Scott, Ardalan Esmaili


7 Sep 17:00 - 9 Sep 23:59
Imagine Rewind Online