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BEC (Black Eyed Child)  

A very sick old woman wakes on a stormy night to come face to face with her demons. A child with pitch-black eyes gives her a horrendous last night. A sense of discomfort descends on the viewer from the very first minute in this effective chiller that makes the death battle intensely palpable. 

Spain | 2018 | 9m
Director | Tony Morales


A journalist reports from a car about a curious accident with three fatalities: two drivers and a dog. Then he gets caught up in a bizarre chain of events, after he himself hits a dog. Macabre film, reminiscent of Calvaire with its absurdist horror-on-the-fringes-of-society. 

France | 2018 | 23m
Director | Mathieu Mégemont

A Doll Distorted 

Abandoned by her lover, a woman buys a lookalike-doll. Then the doll comes to life and she has to fight for her life. Stylistically brilliant short that gradually reveals what’s really happening. But the style – the edit goes from subtle zooms to wild fragmentation – is paramount here. 

United Kingdom | 2018 | 16m
Director | Niall Shukla

Fox Boy 

A wide-eyed little boy follows a butterfly and steps into a world inhabited by foxes. Obviously they are very cunning, but the boy can be too if necessary. Korean coming-of-age tale is an unsettling mix of fantasy and horror, with adorable animation and morbid twists. 

South Korea | 2018 | 12m
Director | Tak Do-Yeon

Frankenstein, and the Wanderer

A game designed in moody watercolours, inspired by the famous book by Mary Shelley. As the player you are a monster without memories or a past and it’s up to you to gradually write your own story. The game, which will be released later in 2019, was already nominated for ‘Best Narrative’ at GamesCom, partly due to the fact that the decision and emotions of the player influence the story. 

France | 2019
Developer | laBelle Games


A writer tries to write a story, while his wife is expecting their first child. When she gives birth, his story and real life start to run together. Caricature style gives this creature feature its absurd charm and the effects are DIY in a good way.  

United States | 2018 | 16m
Director | Charles Pieper

A Purgatory Story 

Gerald is a salary man and Claire isn’t too happy with her life either. They are made for each other, but there is one problem. Gerald works in Purgatory with a Ouija board as a helpdesk. Charming romantic comedy with a surprising premise uses witty intermezzos to calmly work towards a heart-warming conclusion. 

United States | 2018 | 17m
Director | Tom Albanese


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