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Chowboys: An American Folktale 

Three cowboys are seated around a campfire on a cold night, tormented by illusions, cannibalism, bad musicians and Santa Claus. Absurd western comedy from the men behind Astron-6, the Canadian company that brought us Manborg and Father’s Day. This short also offers inspired silliness, playing around with the story structure until the very end. 

United States | 2018 | 9m
Director | Adam Brooks

Dead Animals (Tote Tiere)

With a heavy heart a man brings his dead cat to a meat processing plant. Then a taxidermist gives him her business card. Witty film with a strong punch line retains a perfect balance between seriousness and absurdity and plays out its final without moving a muscle. Some animal lovers will undoubtedly be offended. 

Switzerland | 2018 | 11m
Directors | David Oesch, Remo Rickenbacher

Don’t Kill Her

A completely hand-drawn game about a woman who appears to be dead and turns out to be killed by you, the player… With a unique black-and-white drawing style, an impressive soundtrack (by Dutch Siddhartha Barnhoorn) and an alienating premise, Don’t Kill Her is a game that raises many questions. This platformer with a twist will stick with you for a long time after seeing the trailer. 

Switzerland | 2019
Developer | Wuthrer

God’s Kingdom 

A man and a young girl are on the run. But for whom or what and why? A possessed man who is kept chained in a container gave the order. Meanwhile, the distance between hunter and prey is shrinking. Religious thriller looks stunning and has a strong cast, as well as treating us to an unexpected and ominous ending. 

United Kingdom | 2018 | 26m
Director | Guy Soulsby

Helsinki Mansplaining Massacre 

A couple crashes in the woods and ends up with some weird people. Absurdist Finnish short combines a zombie comedy with a feminist manifest. A strange combination that works perfectly, partly due to its fast pace working towards a bizarre ending. The large amount of blood and the weird dialogues keep things light, so viewers who don’t necessarily subscribe to the message can enjoy it as well. 

Finland | 2018 | 15m
Director | Ilja Rautsi

The Procedure Part 2 

A man is kidnapped and experiences a bizarre moment. Ultra-short film pairs absurdism with sleek design. Imagine previously screened part 1 as well. 

United States | 2019 | 3m
Director | Calvin Reeder


Two teenage girls are making loveThen one of them suddenly turns into a boy. After a fever dream everything appears to be back to normal again. Yet it isn’t. Explicit and playful film about gender confusion doesn’t mind nudity and shows the sex without any frills. The casual freshness and naturalness of the actors/actresses add an irresistible touch.  

Belgium | 2018 | 18m
Director | Marion Renard

Two Puddles  

During a day out, a family suddenly discovers two unusual mud puddles in the woods. They bring unspoken tensions to light. The bizarre events are threatening and funny at the same time, aided by a smart premise, a good pace, the stoic family members and the epic music. 

United Kingdom | 2018 | 6m
Director | Tim Keeling


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