Shorts | Family Ties

Shorts program that highlights family ties.


With reports of disappearing young women on the radio, a man disposes of the remains of a corpse at his remote home. Then he goes into town to pick up a homeless woman from the street. The director works towards his surprising climax with much visual flair, cleverly playing with the expectations and sympathies of the viewer.  

France | 2018 | 17m
Director | Pierre Mouchet

Honey, I Joined a Cult

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your own disciples? In the game Honey, I Joined a Cult you can indulge those fantasies! Make up your own religion and beliefs, find a place to settle and convince as many people as possible to join your family. A delightful game with a cartoony style and lightly mocking tone for everyone with a slight God complex. 

United Kingdom | 2019
Developer | Sole Survivor Games 

Mama Social Ping Pong Club

A-Mien is an unhappy, bored, divorced stay-at-home mum. And to make things worse, her daughter announces she is leaving home. Mother seeks distraction at a ping pong club for women that turns out to be a lot less innocent than it looks. Curious mix of horror and domestic drama keeps things sober and scores points with its styling and originality. 

Taiwan | 2018 | 26m
Director | Shiang-An Chuang


Nine-year-old Daniel gets up to get a glass of milk at night. He sees his mother in the kitchen, but just when he’s about to to return to bed another voice calls out. Strangely sinister film does not reveal its secrets, but manages to intrigue with minimal means and evoke an extremely creepy feeling. 

Canada | 2018 | 9m
Director | Santiago Menghini

The Night

A wolf and a moon-lady fall in love and lead an idyllic existence. But when they have a child, the wolf starts feeling neglected. Then a mysterious creature appears, who can help him. Fairytale-like animation film uses subtle, bone-dry humour and balances a cute drawing style with a dark tale with strong sexual elements. 

Spain | 2018 | 11m
Director | Martin Romero

La Noria

A little boy builds a miniature Ferris wheel, but can’t get it just right. Together with his father it turns out better. Then monsters appear from all sides, which he manages to escape. Ultimately, the memories of his father and the building of the wheel come together. Stunningly clever computer animation in classic Pixar style, manages to be touching as well.  

Spain | 2018 | 12m
Director | Carlos Baena


Four sons are waiting for the return of their mother. Their father has to cure her with his supernatural healing powers, but a surprise awaits the family during the healing ritual. Sleekly designed film doesn’t reveal whether the supernatural actually exists and manages to show clearly how much the four buys are suffering from their father’s Jomanda-like tendencies with minimal means. 

Canada | 2018 | 14m
Director | Jérémie Saindon


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