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Shorts program in which we take a look into the future.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall

The classic Age of Wonders game series from early 2000 finally got a sequel. Age of Wonders: Planetfall will be released later this year and promises to be a special turn-based experience. For the non-gamers: Planetfall shows unique sci-fi worlds and beautifully designed creatures, between which the player has to make his way. Look at the activity on the various planets and you won’t be able to stop yourself from wanting to go on your own space adventure! 

Netherlands | 2019
Developer | Triumph Studios


An old man roams the universe in a spaceship, looking for a habitable planet. He is accompanied by a robot, who assesses every potential candidate on its suitability. After 55 planets the man has enough and wants to return to earth. Stunninly designed sci-fi offers a beautiful (philosophical) refuge with original ideas and a deliberate pace. 

Turkey | 2018 | 20m
Director | Gökalp Gönen

The Blizzard

France, the Second World War. A young woman has lost her daughter and starts looking for her. When she comes across a group of refugees, she finds her daughter back. But this does not end her agony. The twist at the end is too extraordinary to give away, but it puts everything into a different perspective. 

Andorra | 2018 | 12m
Director | Àlvaro Rodriguez


CC is an AID (Artificial Intelligent Device) and the nanny of a little girl called Addy. The two have such a close connection that Addy’s mother gets jealous. When she wants to fire CC, it literally takes matters in its own hands. Clever short doesn’t just look at the bond between mother and child, but adds an extra layer as well. 

United States | 2018 | 14m
Director | Kailey Spear, Sam Spear


A man – or rather, his face – speaks about his daily life, while his head starts to develop its own life. Witty short film about identity and free will leaves few technical possibilities untouched. 

Germany | 2018 | 7m
Director | Jan Riesenbeck


Frank has a date with Cindy. But during the mechanical sex, strange things start to happen thanks to Cindy’s surprising additional features. Absurd comedy about a man and an upgraded version of a sex doll keeps things short and breezy. 

United Kingdom | 2018 | 7m
Director | Steve Moss

Library of God

God’s library is filled to capacity. People whose lives aren’t interesting enough are given their books back. This happens to Knut-Ronny, who immediately goes into an existential crisis and tries his utmost to get back into God’s library. Fresh fantasy comedy refrains from teaching ‘important’ life lessons and keeps things light until the end. 

Norway | 2018 | 12m
Director | Stian Hafstad

L’uomo proibito

Andrea is quarantined in his own home. He contracted a deadly virus after a space journey. His wife Agata and daughter Mia therefore have to wear protective clothing when they visit him in his room. But Mia thinks it’s all just a game. Sober and small drama for three characters, confidently directed and beautifully acted.  

Italy | 2018 | 19m
Director | Tiziano Russo


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