Sleepless Beauty

A kidnapped young woman is subjected to psychological torture in this brutal Russian thriller with a surprising surreal twist.

After being observed by surveillance cameras for a while, Mila, a Russian English teacher, is kidnapped. She regains consciousness in a locked room in an abandoned factory building. During the next few days she will be subjected to a sadistic experiment, engineered to completely break her down mentally. An unexpected side trip into virtual reality adds a surprising twist to this brutal Russian thriller.

In 2015, Imagine screened a movie by director Pavel Khvaleev that was just as mysterious as its title: III. This year he returns with Sleepless Beauty, a film whose plot at first seems similar to Saw. But if anything, Mila’s situation seems even more hopeless than the one of the prisoners in the American counterpart. And then there is the horror to which Mila is subjected every night, when she has to wear a VR headset for hours. What she actually sees? Obviously we won’t reveal that here. But count on a nerve-racking, visually overwhelming rollercoaster ride. Sleepless Beauty is horror at its rawest.


Type Feature Film Online
Director Pavel Khvaleev
Country Rusland
Year 2020
Duration 85 min
Spoken languages Russian
Subtitles English
Cast Polina Davydova, Evgeniy Gagarin, Sergey Topkov


7 Sep 17:00 - 9 Sep 23:59
Imagine Online Rewind