A lonely wife starts eating all sorts of objects in highly stylised mystery that takes ennui to disturbing places.

Hunter lives with her wealthy husband Richie in a large, beautiful house. With Richie’s busy job, she spends long days on her own. One day, she picks up a small object and swallows it. Her new habit quickly spins out of control and both Hunter and Richie seem unable to stop it. Highly stylised mystery takes ennui to disturbing places.

In his first feature, director Carlo Mirabella-Davis creates a fairy tale atmosphere, with the house almost like the Bluebeard castle. But the subject is a lot darker and he does not shy away from taking it to the extreme. While Richie is a weak and calculating husband and his parents are the in-laws from hell, it is Haley Bennett’s astonishing turn as Hunter that really gives the film its emotional power. She is a woman who fights the inertia of her life, by feeding herself things of different textures, shapes, and sizes. The more she’s expected to renounce her will and personality, the more she needs to swallow, pulling weight to stand up for herself.


Type Feature Film
Director Carlo Mirabella-Davis
Country Frankrijk
Year 2019
Duration 94 min
Spoken languages English
Subtitles Without
Cast Haley Bennett, Austin Stowell, Denis O’Hare, Elizabeth Marvel


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