The Father’s Shadow (A sombra do pai)

Sensitive mix of drama, horror and fantasy offers all sorts of ghosts and not just the ones you expect.

After the death of her mother, Dalva lives together with her father Jorge and her aunt Cristina. Each of them deals with the loss in their own way. When Jorge starts seeing ghosts and sinks into depression, Dalva decides to try and bring her mother back to life.

A wonderful atmosphere, great performances and simplicity are key in this mix of sensitive drama, horror, fantasy and South American troubles. Like last year’s Tigers Are Not Afraid, the focus is on the tough tiny girl in the centre, with her morbid obsessions and love for old horror movies. The ghosts are handled delicately, perfectly balancing horror, drama and tender fantasy. The heartbreaking ending lifts the film to another level and purposely leaves the actual reality of what’s happening unanswered. There are all manners of ghosts in this movie – not just the ones you expect.


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Type Feature Film
Director Gabriela Amaral Almeida
Country Brazil
Year 2018
Duration 90 min
Spoken languages Portuguese
Subtitles English
Cast Julio Machado, Luciana Paes, Nina Medeiros


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