The Last Wave

Peter Weir’s mysterious thriller, steeped in Aboriginal mysticism, strikingly pre-empted our current concerns about climate change.

While Sidney is being plagued by disturbing weather phenomena, lawyer David Burton takes on the case of five Aboriginals who stand accused of murdering a sixth one. After one of the suspects visits him in his dreams, a spiritual experience that will lead to a staggering conclusion awaits Burton. Mysterious, mystical thriller strikingly pre-empted our current concerns about climate change.

Two years after his breakthrough with Picnic at Hanging Rock, Australian Peter Weir impressed again with an equally mysterious and possibly even darker film, in which a lawyer is entranced by visions of an apocalyptic event during a court case. That event is heralded at the start of the film, when Sidney is literally flooded by inexplicable rain and hail storms. Weir warned in an interview: ‘We think we have nature under control, that disasters always happen in Third World countries. It seems to me we’ve lost touch with the fear of nature.’ A message more relevant than ever right now.


Type Feature Film
Director Peter Weir
Country Australië
Year 1977
Duration 106 min
Spoken languages English
Subtitles Without
Cast Peter Weir, Leon O'Regan, Jim McElroy


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