The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion

Delightful Korean genre bender mixes action, superhero, horror and slapstick with coming-of-age.

In a hidden prison, a large number of children is killed, but one girl manages to escape. She is adopted by an elderly couple and ten years later leads a normal life. One night at a talent show, she performs a little magic. This draws unwanted attention.

As the title indicates this film is an origin story for what will become a franchise. Director Park Hoon-jung spends much time laying out all the rules and conflicting parties. This focuses more on character than on action, but the final hour makes up for that completely, with enough gore, action and telekinetic tricks to make the wait worthwhile. The action scenes are excellent, with a good balance between real fighting and supernatural powers.

While this is the story that will lead up to much more in the future, it also stands on its own and delivers a beautiful and rewarding adventure.


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Type Feature Film
Part of Things To Come
Director Hoon-jung Park
Country South Korea
Year 2018
Duration 125 min
Spoken languages Korean
Subtitles English
Cast Da-mi Kim, Hee-soon Park, Min-soo Cho, Woo-shik Choi


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