VR programme 2 | Inside Out

Flipping the Inside Out, you will get a unique opportunity to explore intimate inner worlds of introverted individuals.

Conscious Existence

We are gifted every moment with life’s most precious achievement: a conscious mind, enabling us to sense and hold within, the universe’s boundless beauty – a source of infinite inspiration that fuels our inner space. The viewer will be sent onto a journey towards consciousness and shall himself transcend into a relaxed, appreciative emotional state.

Germany | 2018 | 13m
Director | Marc Zimmermann


Dinner Party

A 3D virtual reality experience based on the true story of Betty and Barney Hill, a couple who in 1961 reported the first known UFO abduction.

United States | 2018 | 13,5m
Director | Angel Manuel Soto


Space X Girl

Space X Girl tells the story of a girl who is able to connect with space. In her flat, the colours change and geometry takes a back seat due to her gift of being able to understand the emotions of space. A singular experience that uses virtual reality to make us feel the spatiality of the world.

South Korea | 2017 | 9m
Director | Minhyuk Che



Type VR
Part of New Stories in Gaming & VR
Suitable for children 10 and older
Dit programma is geheel in het Engels

During Imagine Film Festival there is a wide range of VR experiences available every day. The visitor can choose from 9 different programs on site, each of approximately 30 minutes long. (Each day on the hour from 11.00 till 21.00 in the VR Studio)


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