VR programme 6 | Trading Places

In Trading Places you will be placed at the sharp end of the knife, assuming the POV of victims of violent crimes.

Come Into Me

 A short VR film about sex trafficking in New York in which the audience member experiences a sale of a human being firsthand in a popular night club through the eyes of three characters: a girl, a pimp and a client.

United States | 2019 | 18m
Director | Aleszea Blanche Germann



An episodic story told in four parts follows a small-town police dispatcher named Ted (Martin Starr) on the worst night of his life. Sounds ignite evocative imagery inside Ted’s imagination as he advises terrified callers and listens for clues.

United States | 2018 | 27m
Director | Edward Robles


Type VR
Part of New Stories in Gaming & VR
Suitable for 16+

During Imagine Film Festival there is a wide range of VR experiences available every day. The visitor can choose from 9 different programs on site, each of approximately 30 minutes long. (Each day on the hour from 11.00 till 21.00 in the VR Studio)


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