VR programme 1 | Animal Kingdom

Jurassic World, Crow, the Whale and 1 Inch let you become a part of the Animal Kingdom.

1 Inch: Down Size Adventure

Inspired by the book “The Wonderful Adventures of Nils”, a young boy finds a mysterious crystal, shrinking him down to the size of an insect, only to find that humans are not well equipped to be that small!

South Korea | 2018 | 5m
Director | Seok Nam Koong, Yong Hwan Kim


Crow: The Legend

Inspired by the Native American legend, a fully immersive journey exploring themes of self-discovery, diversity and selflessness wherein the viewer plays a key role in the story of Crow, voiced by John Legend, who must give up everything he values to save his friends.

United States | 2018 | 24m
Director | Eric Darnell


Jurassic World: Blue

Three years after the catastrophic events at the Jurassic World theme park, the dinosaurs on Isla Nublar are threatened by a natural disaster. Follow a female Velociraptor Blue on her quest for survival as she faces threats of epic proportions.

Canada | 2018 | 8m
Director | Felix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphael


The Whale

The life story of an Ulsan Ghost Whale. As the moon shines through a mysterious and radiant sky into the ocean, a ghost whale appears with so many stories hidden behind its eyes.

South Korea | 2018 | 5m
Director | Noel Park, Seung-Han Seo




Type VR
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During Imagine Film Festival there is a wide range of VR experiences available every day. The visitor can choose from 9 different programs on site, each of approximately 30 minutes long. (Each day on the hour from 11.00 till 21.00 in the VR Studio)


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