Why Don’t You Just Die!

Revenge going terribly wrong in ultra-violent, ultra-bloody high-octane action freakfest, a treat for fans of Tarantino and The Raid.

Matvey is about to meet his father-in-law, police officer Andrei. His girlfriend Olya’s told him Andrei molested her, so Matvey is going to prove that he loves her. Fifteen minutes in, it seems he’s underestimated the situation. And things only get worse from here. Ultra-violent, ultra-bloody high-octane action freakfest is a treat for fans of Tarantino and The Raid.

Why Don’t You Just Die! is like a live-action, ultra-violent, ultra-bloody take on The Road Runner vs the Coyote cartoons. All the characters in this Russian smorgasbord of fast cuts, crazy zooms, ultra-saturated colours and operatic dialogue are subjected to so much intense violence it’s impossible for them to stay alive – and yet they do, and you simultaneously laugh and cringe at them. If there’s any message about gratuitous violence hidden in the subtext, it’s very slight, and all the better for it. You won’t find another high-octane freakfest like this, that’s also actually a good film, this year.


Type Feature Film
Director Kirill Sokolov
Country Rusland | Russia
Year 2019
Duration 100 min
Cast Vitaliy Khaev, Aleksander Kuznetzov, Kregzhde Evgeniya, Mikhail Gorevoy


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