In this wonderfully sleazy Flemish splatter comedy, three Belgians have to escape a rapidly spreading zombie virus.

What is the best place to get plastic surgery? A seedy, remote Eastern European clinic of course! So Alison, who wants to get a breast reduction, her boyfriend Michael and mother Sylvia venture east. Unfortunately there has just been a mishap with an experimental rejuvenation treatment. Result: a zombie virus spreading rapidly throughout the clinic. This wonderfully sleazy Flemish splatter comedy completely lives up to its title.

To prepare for his first feature film, director Lars Damoiseaux made the short film Patient Zero (2016), in collaboration with screenwriter Eveline Hagenbeek (Rokjesdag). For Yummy, the two joined forces again, resulting in a splatterfest that could give the legendary filthy output of production company Troma a run for its money. Just the premise alone proves that the makers abandoned any pretence of good taste. This is not ‘elevated horror’ with a social message; this is splatter the way splatter is supposed to be. In huge amounts and as gory as possible.


Type Feature Film
Director Lars Damoiseaux
Country België | Belgium
Year 2019
Duration 96 min
Cast Maaike Neuville, Bart Hollanders, Clara Cleymans, Tom Audenaert


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