Nieuws » 1 april 2019

Finding Tom Bombadil – interview Joost van de Loo

In Finding Tom Bombadil holistic detective Joost van de Loo is searching for his favourite character of The Lord of the Rings.

I’m really fond of meeting people, and for me meeting Tom Bombadil would basically be the ultimate encounter

But how to find this magical creature? Tom Bombadil could live at any place in the world, or beyond. That’s why Joost is not searching alone.


At first it was an abstract idea, now maybe 200 people are searching for Tom Bombadil.

The Imagine audience is also called for help in the worldwide search for Tolkien’s most mysterious fantasy figure. What does the maker find so appealing in Tom Bombadil?


Somehow Tom Bombadil always stood out for me. He’s so positive and unique; the oldest and maybe most powerful person in the universe, but completely uninterested in power. My project assumes that he actually exists. We’re assuming that somewhere, Tom Bombadil is living and walking amongst us.

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