Nieuws » 2 april 2019

VR tips van programmeur Stanislaw Liguziński

We vroegen onze programmeur Stanislaw Liguziński om aan te geven wat zijn favoriete VR onderdeel is… Hij kwam met een hele rits aan tips! Ga jij een experience aan op Imagine?


Campfire Creepers & Midnight March

From master of horror Alexandre Aja (the director of films such as Haute Tension, The Hills Have Eyes, Piranha, and Horns), comes an original anthology series in two parts – Campfire Creepers: The Skull of Sam & Midnight March – that brings classic campfire stories to life in stunning Virtual Reality.


Space Explorers

Narrated by Captain Marvel herself Brie Larson – shot in collaboration with NASA, the Russian space agency Roscosmos and Elon Musk’s Spacex – Space Explorers will take you straight into the new age of space exploration letting you experience cosmonauts’ training, rocket launches and Earth’s orbit first hand in 360 degrees of freedom.



In Crow: The Legend

In Crow: The Legend, a beautiful fairy tale from the award-winning VRstudio Baobab, we will hear not only John Legend singing a moody blues but also Constance Wu, Tyle Sheridan, Diego Luna and Oprah Winfrey!



Ghost in the Shell

We also offer you the first ever VR piece set in the Ghost in the Shell universe – GitS: Virtual Reality Diver and a chance to follow a female Velociraptor Blue on her quest for survival in Jurassic World: Blue.


Last but not least, we want to focus your attention on “Trading Places” programme where we counter the dominant narratives on violence present in genre cinema by placing the spectator at the sharp end of the knife in the immersive virtual reality and assuming the POV of a victim for once. In the year where so many films and documentaries were devoted to serial killers (i.e. the Golden Glove that plays at Imagine), we want to shift the focus from the perpetrators and let you share the perspective of abused girls in Come into Me and a helpless police dispatcher who needs to picture the seriousness of reported domestic crimes based on the sound alone.

Check out the VR programme!