Videogames: speciaal voor Imagine én iedere dag gratis te spelen!

HKU-studenten ontwierpen speciaal voor Imagine een aantal videogames. Deze zijn het hele festival gratis te spelen op de trappen van Eye, dus kom ze vooral even uittesten!

Satisfy Lord
Adventure, Single Player, Survival, Highscore, Cult & Indie.
Satisfy Lord is all about pleasing the One. He who guides us through life and who only wants our faith and offerings in return. Do you have what it takes to be one of his disciples? Or will your so-called morals get the better of you?

EYE Disagree (Flag Hunt)
Pervasive Game
Look around. Don’t you see them? They’re everywhere! Hidden in plain sight! Test the keenness of your eyes as well as your awareness of the environment, and prove the superiority of your opinion in our Flag Hunt!

Cult Tag
Action, Adventure, Multiplayer, Party Game, Battle, Cult & Indie .
Cult Tag is a battle between cults, only one cult can survive. The cult leaders try to collect as many new followers as possible, before time runs out. Biggest cult wins, so collect, steal and protect.  

Limb Loser
Action, Adventure, Multiplayer, Party Game, Battle, Mad Science & Indie .
The facility used to be the best in weapon technology. But one day their experiments got the best of them. Nowadays creators are captured victims subjected to twisted experiments themselves, forced to battle and test out weapons until they have no limbs left.  

Ouija Board
Role Playing Game (RPG)
Don’t you hear it? The dead are among us, and want to talk to you. Who are they? Perhaps they have been murdered? Maybe they need help! Come to our Ouija Board to see what they have to say!  

The Antidote
Pervasive Game & Puzzle.
Dr. Yermakov has found a way to make a better place. He promises no more anger, sadness, war, distrust and an end to global warming. He needs smart and creative people that think like him in order to make that happen. Do you have what it takes to help him?

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Soort Game
Onderdeel van New Stories in Gaming & VR
by Bauke Hoekstra, Brechje de Klein, Charona Poeran, Christopher van der Kieft, Jurgen Felipa, Stijn Koning, Lennert Koppe, Sarah Steenhuis, Steven Vis
Extra details Free to play, every day, at the staircase in Eye


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